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Military PCS Orders

Are you considering orders to a faraway place? Maybe you are already at a new place and trying to find trustworthy resources. We are here to serve you. Virtual Ombudsman connects you to the best merchants and resources that will help you learn about your new community. Have a great experience? Help your fellow service members by posting a review.

Comprehensive Base Information

 Our directories allow you to gain valuable insight into your current, or possible duty station.  We have collected important public official facebook pages, and other social media pages, and placed them all under one roof.  Read first hand accounts of what other families feel about their duty station. 

Duty Station Bucket List

Don’t take our word for it.  Read and view other families experiences traveling throughout the region.  We review, and select, the best videos and consolidate them for your viewing pleasure.  Use us as a resource to start many of your travel plans, or just get a glimpse of other incredible travel experiences.  Our motto is don’t leave a duty station with regrets. 

Virtual Ombudsman is Your Duty Station Partner

Created by a former military couple with dozens of PCS and Ombudsman experience, we understand the most important issues for relocating families. Find information about education, day care, fitness centers, restaurants, and virtually any need in your new location. Share reviews to help others. We are open 24/7 and welcome suggestions at [email protected]

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Let us market your business, advertise your real estate, or build a web presence for you.