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If you’re in the military, then you know how difficult it can be to move from one military installation to another.

For those with families, friends, and a strong community, it’s even harder to relocate. Why not make relocation a smoother experience?

Here at Virtual Ombudsman, we’re all too familiar with the challenges that arise from moving military installations. That is why we’ve created a virtual platform to help military service members and families with the moving process.

When you advertise your home with us, we strive to ensure that others who are moving duty stations get matched with the right homes. If you’re wondering how that works, here’s an overview of our company and what we’re doing to help military members just like you advertise your home for sale or rent.

Who We Are

Virtual Ombudsman was built with a purpose to help military families with the relocation process every step of the way. Established by an experienced, former military couple who has had their own fair share of permanent change of stations, it was more evident than ever that military members often struggle with the challenges of constant relocating.

We weren’t satisfied with the struggles that so many members of our military have faced. That is why we created Virtual Ombudsman to make a difference in the families of those who go out of their way to serve our country.

Why Choose Ombudsman to Advertise Your Property?

When military families need to relocate, it uproots the entire family. It’s tough to sell or rent your house, find new childcare support, find new recreational activities, manage healthcare, and become familiar with a new military installation.

We have created the perfect community for managing your property and finding a new one, all in one place. Here’s how we can help you with your military relocation:

Our Platform Is Rich in Networking Opportunities
Our online platform aims to connect military members and their families with all of the important aspects of everyday life, and more!

You can find plenty of useful information on day-to-day services through Virtual Ombudsman. Military members and family are encouraged to share and post reviews of local businesses and services to help newcomers feel better accommodated to new station locations.

We Have a Strong Community of Property-Seekers
All of these features create a strong online community that makes it easier for you to rent out or sell your property. By participating in our ever-growing community of military members, you’re opening the doors to a community of house hunters, landlords, and temporary residents who might be looking for your very property.

Our Social Media Team Will Help Match Your Home
On top of that, we have an active social media engagement team that helps get your property sold. Our team puts properties just like yours on the front page of military members who are leaving a duty station.

As an example, say there’s a landlord in San Diego looking to market his property to an incoming Navy personnel. Our social media team is able to target fleet concentration areas like Norfolk, Pearl Harbor, Yokosuka, and others to help find the perfect fit. This makes selling and renting more efficient.

More and more military members are using social media to communicate, and we’re proud to say that we’re the only military housing platform geared towards social media marketing.

In addition, our professional team is well equipped to work with those who already have existing properties on websites such as Zillow, Realtor, and others.

Save money and time trying to sell your house on other platforms by working with our social media team to better match your property with qualified buyers.

What We Offer

We understand that different families have different needs when it comes to selling one’s property. Virtual Ombudsman values and appreciates all military members and family. To be as inclusive as possible, we offer five home advertising packages to choose from to fit your needs and budget:

  • Base – 1 property listing, up to 6 photos, 1 linked video for virtual tours and open house, all for $9.95/month

  • Standard (Best Value) – 2 property listings, unlimited photos, shared to our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn), up to 6 linked videos, $19.95/month

  • Advanced – 3 property listings, unlimited photos, shared to our social media platforms, up to 18 linked videos, $29.95/month

  • Premium – 5 property listings, unlimited photos, up to 18 linked videos, shared on our social media platforms, $39.95/month

  • Enterprise – Contact us to discuss our enterprise package, as you will have support from an account manager

Each of our packages offers FAQ, chat, and email support. We also offer a number of add-ons, such as: advanced analytics, video collages, tools for scheduling open houses, and ad writing. Our team will work with you to ensure you choose the right plan for your needs.

Whether you’re a military family looking to sell your property, or you’re a local landlord looking to fill vacancies with military members, Virtual Ombudsman’s variety of property advertising packages have you covered.

Our smaller packages are geared specifically towards small military families in need of support during their transfers. If you’re struggling to sell your home before your move, we can help.

Our larger property advertisement packages are designed to help realtors and landlords find tenants for multiple property listings so that their properties aren’t sitting and collecting dust.

Through our platform, we help develop partnerships between military members and the local landlords in relocation areas so that everyone has an intermediary throughout the relocation process.

No military members should be left unable to connect with the community and showcase their home to other prospective families.

Get Started Advertising Your Home Today

If you’re ready to get started advertising your home with Virtual Ombudsman, our team is available 24/7 to serve you.

Built by the military for the military, we want to help you make the most out of your property ad. CONTACT US today to get a quicker, high-quality tenant fill tomorrow!

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