Is MOAA Tricare Supplement Right For You?

Health care costs are an important concern for many families. For members of the armed services, retirees, and their families, Tricare can sometimes leave additional costs that cause financial difficulties.

Many families are left wondering what can be done regarding their medical expenses. This is where a MOAA Tricare Supplement comes into play. Let’s take a look at what the supplement is and if it may be a good fit for you and your family.

What is the MOAA Tricare Supplement?

The Military Officers Association of America is a nonprofit organization with a mission of representing the interests of military members throughout their careers. One way of advocating for military families is through the MOAA Tricare supplement.

This is a supplemental health insurance policy that works hand-in-hand with Tricare coverage to help pay medical bills, providing protection from bills relating to expensive or frequent treatments. The goal of this supplement is to remove some of the uncertainty that comes with health care by ensuring that you have enough coverage to help with both daily life as well as the unexpected.

Individuals and families who currently use Tricare for their health insurance are eligible to purchase the MOAA Tricare supplement. This policy is intended to serve as somewhat of a safety net to protect your budget against large health care costs. The policy also has guaranteed acceptance.

What Does the MOAA Tricare Supplement Cover?

The MOAA Tricare supplement has a variety of plan options as well as effective group rates in providing dependable coverage for military members and their families. The plan covers a variety of different types of expenses.

First, MOAA Tricare Supplemental Insurance helps to pay your existing cost shares from your Tricare policy. It also provides additional coverage for prescriptions and covers excess charges up to 15 percent above the allowable amount under Tricare.

Additionally, the MOAA Tricare supplement is designed to work in conjunction with Tricare to create an efficient claims process. You can still choose any authorized Tricare physician of your choice. When signing up for the MOAA Tricare supplement, you get instantaneous coverage for new conditions while the insurance begins covering current conditions after six months.

Will MOAA Tricare Supplemental Insurance Benefit Me?

This is perhaps the most important question and it depends on you and your family’s specific medical needs. The MOAA Tricare supplement provides a variety of plan options which help families determine the best supplemental coverage for them. If you or a family member have extensive health care needs, the Tricare supplements can definitely be beneficial in lowering your overall out of pocket healthcare costs by picking up a greater proportion of what Tricare does not cover. For example, families with children that have occupational therapy or speech therapy needs who have frequent medical bills will typically see a strong benefit from the MOAA Tricare supplement. Essentially, if you have a lot of medical expenses, it will probably be a good policy for you.

However, the MOAA Tricare supplement also provides a safety net for many families who do not have extensive current medical needs. It helps protect against extensive bills from unexpected medical needs that may result in long hospitalizations or expensive procedures and prescriptions. For families looking for peace of mind in their health care budget, the MOAA Tricare supplement can provide that.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in signing up for MOAA Tricare Supplemental Insurance – or simply learning more information about the process and rates for various policies – you can visit the website.


For families covered under Tricare with many medical bills or looking for additional protection against the unexpected, MOAA Tricare Supplemental Insurance provides an excellent, affordable option with many different plans. This insurance helps provide additional coverage for the following:

  • Cost shares
  • Copays
  • Additional prescription coverage
  • Excess charges up to 15% above the Tricare allowable amount

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