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  • Naval customs / traditions November 28, 2023
    What is the most unusual custom or tradition that you have come across? Doing a project for the triad they requested a presentation on naval customs and traditions… give me your best please 🥹 submitted by /u/PhilosophyQuiet1689 [link] [comments]
  • Who else missed the 80s? November 28, 2023
    submitted by /u/Low_Use_4703 [link] [comments]
  • How is a division or department run when the div/dept head is standing watch? November 28, 2023
    Lets say the Dept head stands watch for 8h/day. He sleeps for 8h. That just leaves 8h for everything else (eating, washing, downtime, exercise). Where does he find the time to run his department? Also lets say something comes up in his dept that requires his attention when he is on watch, what happens then? […]
  • E3-E4 profile sheets (sorry in advance for the book) November 28, 2023
    Dude what is up with our profile sheets this cycle? Background: I’m a Corpsman so the minimum score to pick up 3rd is 116 ,been in for almost 4, no education, no awards, but I got an EP. I got 50 points for the test (same as everyone else because no one took the test), […]
  • British Navy sailors from HMS Prince of Wales visiting USS Wisconsin November 28, 2023
    submitted by /u/newnoadeptness [link] [comments]
  • Key West Opinion November 28, 2023
    Im PCSing in 1 months What type of living situation should I expect for an E-5? Do we get BAH? submitted by /u/SiamangOG [link] [comments]
  • 4k pics ( might need to click for 4k res ) of Ike CSG transiting the Strait of Hormuz with French Navy destroyer FS Languedoc (D 653) November 28, 2023
    submitted by /u/newnoadeptness [link] [comments]
  • Best white elephant gift for Sailors on a carrier? November 28, 2023
    $20 max. What would you consider a hot ticket item for a white elephant gift exchange? Most people in the department don't use tobacco/nicotine, was thinking about a bunch of Monster Whites as one option. submitted by /u/ShrinkShack [link] [comments]
  • Should I reenlist? November 27, 2023
    I’m currently an active duty EN2 attached to an LSD in Norfolk, VA with about 19 months away from reaching my EAOS. I started college full time since I had the opportunity as my ship has been pierside for quite a while. I’m not at all as interested In my job as I was when […]
  • 8 months from EAOS, my Dr gave me the option to pursue a med board November 27, 2023
    8 months from separation. 12 years active. Diagnosed PTSD, Depression, Anxiety along with an injured back and two knee surgeries. My Behavioural Health doctor has said I am not deployable and that my current status warrants a Med Board. Being so close to separation though she’s giving me the option to pursue it if I […]
  • Gifts for Sailors November 27, 2023
    Dear Civilian Friends and Family, I'm sure not everyone agrees with me, but here's my hot take on giving gifts to Sailors: I know you're all excited to gift something to your friend/sibling/spouse/partner/family member that says "I care about you" or "This will help make deployment a little easier" and "I did my research." We […]
  • Do MAs deploy alot ? November 27, 2023
    My husband just changed his rate to MA is there any info anyone can give me on what’s gonna happen next? submitted by /u/Low-Soft-9476 [link] [comments]
  • Would this make a good gift? November 27, 2023
    My mom saw this online for my dad, a Navy veteran, and we are not sure if this is something he would enjoy as a Christmas gift, or if he’d think this was meant for someone in the Army. Any help is much appreciated. submitted by /u/chloepink222 [link] [comments]
  • Can we talk about the TCRM training??? November 27, 2023
    I'm so fucking pissed. Every year. Every fucking year I have to do this training, and it's complete fucking bullshit. God damnit I hate it. I fucking hate this training. FUCK! In the cargo hold, King suggests forklift, I ask get if she's forklift certified and she said she isn't and goes for the crowbar. […]
  • Lookie what we found! November 27, 2023
    We found this in an old box in our shop after a field day. Packed 1956, our ship was built 1991. submitted by /u/Screwistic_ [link] [comments]
  • My Navy Assignment question November 27, 2023
    So I've never been on the detailing side or a part of the command where they review sailors who have requested their commands and curious as to just how much anyone looks at the information you input on My Navy Assignment? I see they have a whole tab to write your "resume" which in theory […]
  • Stay Classy Norfolk! November 27, 2023
    submitted by /u/mtdunca [link] [comments]
  • Open Letter to DoD Senior Leaders November 27, 2023
    Suicide is an oft overlooked topic within the military. It has been the #1 killer of our military members for the last 6 years. Please see the message from CMSgt (ret) Sean Stevenson regarding the untimely passing of his son, SrA Sean Ryan Stevenson. Although I originally posted to the Air Force subreddit, as noted […]
  • How was Yokosuka back in the day? November 27, 2023
    I go on night walks from time to time and I always get this haunting feeling in Yokosuka. Not paranormal but I always feel like it’s just a shadow of its former self. Some officers even told me that in the early 2000’s it was a amazing experience. Now and days I feel the locals […]
  • Old meme from the last time pirates wanted to get scrappy November 27, 2023
    From 2009. This event inspired the Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips. “Look at me, I’m the Captain now.” submitted by /u/SWO6 [link] [comments]
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  • JCAC Questions November 28, 2023
    Been out for five years. In the process of going back active and I want to cross rate to CWT. What is JCAC like? Am I able to come off the street not knowing how to code and do fine? I am very motivated and am beginning to lwarn some basic coding languages. what things […]
  • Career Path in the Navy November 28, 2023
    I have a bachelor's in mechanical engineering and a greencard holder. I am planning on joining the navy and I am unsure which job should I take. Considering that my score isn't a problem, which job should I sign up for? I know for a fact that it is impossible to secure an engineering position […]
  • Damage Control Wet Training November 28, 2023
    Not sure if that’s what it’s called. Heard about a training scenario where you have to do damage control while the room floods or something similar. Is that a bootcamp thing or a more rate specific thing? Seems intense submitted by /u/shaeday [link] [comments]
  • Question about sub life November 28, 2023
    What’s a day in the life of an ST on a sub look like? Waking up to going to sleep & everything in between. There’s three jobs on my radar, CS, ST & Torpedomen. Trying to get a feel for each before I fully commit over the summer & start the process to joining. Thank […]
  • Advice trying to join November 28, 2023
    Backstory: Been processing with the Navy since June. Two waivers needed - Moral and Med. The moral waiver was approved no problem. Psych consult was needed for the med waiver along with documentation (anxiety and depression which has been removed from medical record). Concern: Medical waiver came back denied because of “medical record”. The letter […]
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  • Letter November 27, 2023
    I received notice that the department of the navy tried sending me a letter today while I was at work. I would assume that means deployment is coming my way? submitted by /u/kevc4545 [link] [comments]
  • Reserve Question November 27, 2023
    I joined the reserves from active after 6 years active duty and realized the reserves just isn't for me. If I were to stop showing up to drill and I got admin separated, would it impact my VA benefits? Or not at all? submitted by /u/Agitated_Age_2697 [link] [comments]
  • Can I get fired from my civilian job during navy orders or bc I’m in the reserve ? And what’s the punishment if they do ? November 27, 2023
    submitted by /u/No-Block-8519 [link] [comments]
  • Bonus for ship out in April 2024 November 27, 2023
    Hello, I plan to go back to Meps to select my job as HM in the reserve. My recruiter told me that they only offer $8k for my bonus due to having some college credits. If I wait until January 2024, would they have some more bonus like Quick Ship or bonus for enlisting in […]
  • Backed out of DEP for active duty November 27, 2023
    I backed out of DEP 2 months ago. Now things aren’t great and I want to join the reserves possibly. If I contact my recruiter again will I have to fill out different paperwork for the reserves? Can I just go to Meps again or do I have to do a whole new process or […]
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  • Should I file if I don’t have service records yet. November 28, 2023
    I’m submitting for PTSD, major depression and anxiety related to in service event. Was in Navy from 64-66 and Army from 75-96. I have the Navy ships log with my specific stressor and my name mentioned. However, I requested Navy records 4 months ago and nothing yet. I have other documented claims and I’ve been […]
  • I've posted before but here is an update on my dad, war veteran ptsd alcoholic. November 28, 2023
    I posted a while back, long story short. My dad has ptsd from the gulf war, lives in San Diego and has been an alcoholic on and off. He's a serious serious alcoholic when he drinks. I never seen someone drink that much before. He went to the VA got an appt for rehab, then […]
  • How should a Navy issue peacoat fit? November 28, 2023
    I bought a 46R on EBay and it’s snug to the point of being restricting. I gather that they should be snug, but these things are making me wonder if I just got the wrong size: Snug on the armpits and shoulders Can’t bring my arms together in the front. Feels restricting in the back […]
  • Disabled female veteran defrauded for over $9000 and cash app won't help.. just wondering who else has fought cash app November 28, 2023
    So, this summer I paid someone $50 thru Cash App to help me move luggage. I was using my walker and have disabled plates. He came back a few times saying it hadn't gone thru. I attempted send $1 to see if that would go through. It was denied for "my protection but I wasn't […]
  • Does life after getting out not feel real for anyone else? November 28, 2023
    Like many others, I dreamed about being a civilian and enjoying my freedom. When I was in college I had a hard time adjusting but figured it would get easier once I found my career. I worked a few jobs before I found one that was a fit for me. I’ve been out 8 yrs […]
  • A question for AF veterans November 28, 2023
    So, I got out a long time ago from the Marines back in the mid 2000s. I was in aircraft maintenance and had a rough time with a couple of the guys in my shop because I was admittedly an insecure 19-20 year old at the time. I have also been one of those people […]
  • Working in Federal Software/ Computer Engineering Positions? November 28, 2023
    Hi fellow Veterans, I’ve been grinding at a well known tech company for a few years but want to hear what it’s like working on the fed side and what the hiring process is like? I’m thinking about jumping ship from corporate… submitted by /u/CHIRAQ_0311 [link] [comments]
  • Sick of college just need to vent November 28, 2023
    Good evening everyone, Long vent here, just not in a good place. I got out of the Marines in 2021 moved to where my wife was at to let her finish up college we moved back home I went to a college and loved the first year of school there. Met some good friends there […]
  • In debt, hard to work with my disability. Any advice? November 28, 2023
    I’m 100% p&t as of last year and had some debt before getting my award, it’s been difficult to pay it off even though I’m receiving this compensation and working part time. The issue is I would like to work full time and have more financial stability to supplement my VA check but it’s really […]
  • Former doc here-flashbacks/intrusive thoughts are rocking my world November 28, 2023
    It's as if my brain is stuck in the 2000s. My typical coping strategies (running, family time, fishing) are failing me. It's getting hard to function with them. Yes, I do therapy and take my meds. They help overall. Just getting rick rolled by the spicy memories that I can't tame recently. Tonight is hitting […]
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  • "Brilliant" on the basics? Some commands don't even have the light on. November 3, 2023
    If you were to assess your command in these six categories, how would you score? The foundation for success in any command can, in part, be attributed to these six areas that form the enduring foundation upon which a successful career can belaunched:  1. Sponsorship/first 72 hours:Proactive interaction by a sponsor and ombudsman can solve many issues before the Sailor and […]
  • Untitled August 27, 2023
     The power of letters. Our Navy's leadership's willingness to recognize our greatest generation's contribution to the good of our country. I asked Admiral Dave Gove to recognize my OCS instructor as "Honorary Navigator of the Navy". This act of generosity cost less than a dollar and paid off in years of good feelings and warmed […]
  • The number 1 handwritten letter influencer in the United Kingdom June 18, 2023
     I did a random survey of 100 people on my Socials about who the number 1 handwritten letter influencer in the United Kingdom was.The results are not surprising to me.Dinah Johnson, founder of The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society in Swanage, Dorset, United Kingdom was easily #1.You can find her here was member #0005 and she […]
  • Inordinately Fortunate July 3, 2022
     I was inordinately fortunate during my early professional career.  I worked for some truly awful leaders.Thus, during the subsequent free time that life sometimes provides, I always had a full wagonload of professional grist waiting to grind.  The important questions were always the same.  Why had my bosses acted without apparent thought?  Why didn't my supervisors […]
  • Writing is writing June 26, 2022
     Planning to write is not writing.  Outlining a book is not writing.  Researching is not writing.  Talking to people about what you are doing, none of that is writing.  Writing is writing.E. L. DoctorowToday, I received letters from two NIOC COs, a NIOC XO, a NIOD OIC, a retired Navy Captain colleague, my sister, a priest […]
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  • Breaking my Flag April 2, 2023
     For those who missed the previous announcements, please read the previous posts for the details, but after 18 2/3 years here, I will no longer be posting on blogspot.Worry not, just click here to go to substack.  That is where I'll be.
  • Fullbore Friday March 31, 2023
    Housekeeping Note: As I mentioned earlier this month, as our British friends might say, this "blogspot" hosted part of the blog is "going in ordinary." The archived posts here back to the beginning in 2004 will remain, but all new posts will be going over to CDR Salamander on Substack. The reasons are simply, really. Google owns […]
  • The Weapons Gap With the PRC the USA Created and Funded: it Goes Boom March 31, 2023
    If you don’t wake up every morning cursing those responsible for defense and China policy in the 1990s … the gobsmackingly short sighted arrogance of it all – then what use are you, actually?With a few exceptions, from partially completed CV rusting in Ukraine to teaching the Communist Chinese how to MIRV ICBM warheads, to […]
  • Seriously ... Who's Been Running Our Wargames Then ... March 29, 2023
    One of the things that will get my eye twitching faster than about anything else is when someone responds to a question or concern with a, "Well, in our wargames ... "Bullshit.That may work for civilians or under-briefed lawmakers who lack the depth in military matters, but anyone who has run or been part of […]
  • In a Fight, Having Your Reloads at Home in the Safe Won't Help March 28, 2023
    There was a topic as a JO in the 1990s that we bandied about when we started to think about what we wanted to see show up in the fleet before we had to fight a no kidding war at sea for any length of time.Of course, at the end of the Cold War when […]
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  • Marine Infantry veteran says enlisted shouldn’t become officers — mayhem ensues November 28, 2023
    A post on X by a former Marine about 'Mustang' officers set off a firestorm of social media reaction. Task & Purpose composite photo/ Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Matthew Cavenaile/U.S. Navy.Veterans on social media widely rejected the idea The post Marine Infantry veteran says enlisted shouldn’t become officers — mayhem ensues appeared first on Task […]
    Jeff Schogol
  • Jobs for spouses and childcare will be goals of new Army app November 27, 2023
    An Army-developed app aims to connect military spouses with job opportunities and childcare resources -- two major challenges they face with active-duty partners. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Cydney Lee).About 1 in 5 Army spouses is unemployed, often due to frequent moves, licensing issues and lack of childcare. A new Army app […]
    Patty Nieberg
  • Marine, Air Force veteran killed in Ukraine wanted to protect children November 27, 2023
    Marine and Air Force Reserve veteran David Baturin was killed in Ukraine on Oct. 7, 2023. (Facebook photo).Semper Fi! The post Marine, Air Force veteran killed in Ukraine wanted to protect children appeared first on Task & Purpose.
    Jeff Schogol
  • How much do CIA case officers get paid? A look at life as a spook November 27, 2023
    Doug Patteson lived the case officer life for ten years, with three overseas PCS and many TDY trips. Photo courtesy of Doug Patteson. (Task & Purpose composite image).A look inside the life of a CIA case officer according to someone who lived the life. The post How much do CIA case officers get paid? A […]
    Joshua Skovlund
  • How RTX transforms its workforce with Veteran Employee Resource Groups November 27, 2023
    Getty ImagesMany ERGs are for show, RTX’s programs are for you to grow. The post How RTX transforms its workforce with Veteran Employee Resource Groups appeared first on Task & Purpose.
    Team T&P
  • US Army soldiers marched with medieval knights in Lithuania November 27, 2023
    Lithuanian knights march through Vilnius on Nov. 25, 2023. (Photo courtesy Lithuanian's Ministry of Defence).Lithuania can get medieval on you. The post US Army soldiers marched with medieval knights in Lithuania appeared first on Task & Purpose.
    Nicholas Slayton
  • US Navy stops pirates off Yemen, two missiles land near destroyer November 27, 2023
    The destroyer the USS Mason in the Atlantic Ocean in 2021. (photo by Bill Mesta/U.S. Navy).The destroyer the USS Mason responded to a distress call, capturing five assailants who attacked a commercial ship in the Gulf of Aden near Yemen. The post US Navy stops pirates off Yemen, two missiles land near destroyer appeared first […]
    Nicholas Slayton
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  • Four Powerful Gestures June 16, 2014
    Communication is everything in leadership. More importantly, everything is communication—not what you say, but what you do. Your habits, your demeanor, your work ethic, your appearance, your sense of humor. The way you handle success, and the way you handle … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • The Vortex June 2, 2014
    We Navy types are a proudly hard-working breed. However much we may grumble, I think that most of us have that little psychotic voice that enjoys the long hours when we know we are legitimately needed—when the ship gets underway … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • Myth of the “Kinder, Gentler Navy” May 19, 2014
    On leave, your typical sailor goes home to a proud family who break out the faded pictures of Grandpa posing in front of a torpedo-bomber with pinup-girl nose art. In between sea stories of 7th-fleet barroom brawls, Uncle Jim wistfully … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • Talking to Ships May 5, 2014
    Non-shipdrivers will have to forgive me for this one. SWOs and submariners have several habits that make us look like a bunch of goons to the professional mariners trying not to run us over. Among them is our habit of … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • Reflecting on the Damn Exec April 28, 2014
    “Damn Exec” is a classic leadership essay by then-LCDR Stuart D. Landersman. It was in the January 1965 Proceedings, and has been reprinted in countless leadership books, magazines, and training products. It is required reading in many officer and CPO … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • Yes, it’s Your Fault April 21, 2014
    A tired JO complaint is “we’re just here so they have someone to blame.” We hear every day that JOs are a pointless decoration, chiefs really run the Navy, blah blah blah… then when the watch team falls behind PIM … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • JO Rules on Facebook! April 19, 2014
    Gonna try something new here… in the interest of making it easier for folks to chime in, tell sea stories, call me a delusional asshole or whatever… and yes, to have more exposure within the JO community, I’m gonna try … Continue reading →
    Will Spears