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  • Help finding NTTP forms June 5, 2023
    Hello, recently I’ve been trying to learn about navy instructions and really dig into learning them both for myself and so that I can pass on information to my sailors. I’ve been successful in finding databases for OPNAV, secnav , CNIC instructions, milpers etc, but have struggled hard to find a database where I can […]
  • Chinese ship buzzing USN ship June 5, 2023
    There’s a current news story regarding a Chinese naval vessel cutting dangerously close across the bow of a USN vessel in international waters. I know this sort of thing happens to us from time to time (by aircraft and by other nations also) but I’m wondering if this is something that we do to them […]
  • Self-move for PCS (separation) June 5, 2023
    Anyone ever done a self-move? I just got my application approved and for moving 2,000 LBS I got an estimate of $4500.. how accurate are those prices when it’s all said and done? Any tips? submitted by /u/crewDog_1 [link] [comments]
  • E-7 Test for LDO Purposes June 5, 2023
    Can I test for LDO purposes if I just picked up first last week? I read the NavAdmin and there's a blur in there that states as follow "All time-in-service (TIS) and time-in-grade (TIG) requirements for the FY-25 AD LDO and CWO In-Service Procurement Board (ISPB) will be computed as of 1 October 2024." Does […]
  • Japan question. June 5, 2023
    If we’re gonna be stationed in Japan, how do we get unlimited mobile data? submitted by /u/Salt_Emphasis [link] [comments]
  • NYS Vehicle Inspection June 5, 2023
    Hello! im currently in the military and it’s going to be hard for me to go back home just to get an inspection done for my car (im stationed in cali). For those in New York, the inspection has to be done every 12 months but it has to be done in that state. For […]
  • Deployment /homecoming questions ! June 5, 2023
    Hi ! Thank you in advance for reading this ! I just want some insight as I’m kinda lost through the last half of the deployment. lol. My bf of 5 years has been on a 8-9 month deployment. He’s going to be home really really soon 🙂 This is my first time with a […]
  • PCS questions June 5, 2023
    Got orders for NDAC school in San Diego and then PCS to Guam. Plan on taking my car to San Diego and having it shipped out from there to Guam. Does Navy provide travel allowance when leaving current duty station(GA) to schooling in SD? submitted by /u/CervixBruizer [link] [comments]
  • General Question (my goal after getting YN as my rate) June 5, 2023
    So I’m trying to get an idea of what the process will look like if anyone can answer this about moving up in rank. My overall goal that I want to achieve is reach first class po, with a good record and things to back me up I want to apply to become an LDO, […]
  • USS Finn June 5, 2023
    why did the CO and XO get relived? submitted by /u/here5293 [link] [comments]
  • North island - San Diego housing tips/recommendations June 5, 2023
    Sister and her family of four are moving in a couple months from Norfolk to San Diego. They don’t want to live in housing…looking for help to figure out best place to look to buy or rent. Any advice/tips will be much appreciated!! submitted by /u/rhopc [link] [comments]
  • USS Paul Ignatius (DDG 117) during exercise Baltic Operations 2023 June 5, 2023
    submitted by /u/Saturn_Ecplise [link] [comments]
  • Navy fires commander of destroyer USS Stout June 5, 2023
    submitted by /u/TaskAndPurposeNews [link] [comments]
  • Is it bad that I frocked myself twice? June 5, 2023
    Long story short I made E-4 and 5 on a LHD some years back and for the frocking ceremony it was us just receiving our letters and shaking hand with the CO/DH. Never had someone pin my crows due to me just hating my division and not being the norm onboard . New ship and […]
  • Med/Dental records June 5, 2023
    Well reddit, asking for some advice, my medical and dental records (paper folders) were not sent from my previous command, I sent a form requesting the records and they said my records were not aboard the ship. Never been in this situation and not sure what to do. Any advice on what I could do […]
  • Advancements June 5, 2023
    A girl with 2 underage DUIs and no rate experience made third over me, i don’t want to be in the navy anymore. Anyone else have any similar accounts of BS this cycle?? submitted by /u/Suspicious_Refuse_57 [link] [comments]
  • Why did the Navy get rid of summer whites for E6 and below? June 5, 2023
    I’ve been in the Navy for around a year but I’m prior service Army. Since joining, I’ve always been slightly irritated at how E6 and below have far less appealing (in my opinion) dress uniforms than the rest of the navy. I’ve seen a lot of older pictures of shortsleeved dress whites and am wondering […]
  • New video released of the US Destroyers POV of the Chinese ship June 5, 2023
    submitted by /u/No_Adeptness_8154 [link] [comments]
  • We held a frocking ceremony in the berthing for our buddy who started dating a single mom. This was the certificate he received. June 5, 2023
    submitted by /u/BunBunChow [link] [comments]
  • Just a P sailor. How did I make it first time up? June 4, 2023
    submitted by /u/Mad_Monster_Mansion [link] [comments]
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  • RE-8 Waiver Approved! (Stress fractures) June 5, 2023
    YEAH! The Navy officially approved my RE-8 waiver, and I’m re-signing my nuke contract on Wednesday. To anyone waiting on waivers, consults, or MEPS, hang in there. It took me 14 months from date of separation, but the time has finally come. submitted by /u/sneezedr424 [link] [comments]
  • FSPC Question June 5, 2023
    I’m curious as to whether or not I can do the Future Sailor Preparatory Course (FSPC). I’m 210lbs, 6’0”, and 23y/o. I’ve been consistently going to the gym and eating better, but I’m still really struggling. My biggest worry is getting sent home from boot camp. I’ll probably be able to pass tape, but I […]
  • Fleet Berthing June 5, 2023
    Hello, Is all berthing basically the same on various classes of ships? a rack on a Ticonderoga = Arleigh Burke = San Antonio class...ect? Or do newer ships have better facilities? submitted by /u/Lyko112 [link] [comments]
  • Is dep the right decision? June 5, 2023
    My friend recommended I train for another month before joining based on my fitness level: 9 minute mile, 30 push ups, 2 minute plank. I’m 21, 6ft male and 220lbs. What do you guys think? I think I’m going to heed that advice, so my question is, do I tell my recruiter I want to […]
  • ODS July 2023 June 5, 2023
    Anyone know if July ODS is full yet? Recruiter is on vacation so turning to Reddit. If I haven’t heard by now does that mean I won’t be in that class? submitted by /u/JazzyGrl88 [link] [comments]
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  • MNA June 5, 2023
    Was “selected” and “ pending order review” what exactly do i do after this? Tyia new to reserves submitted by /u/Achilles_H [link] [comments]
  • It's been a month and my unit hasn't contacted me or returned my calls, what do I do? June 5, 2023
    Units in Madison, WI. I haven't heard anything from them despite repeated phone calls. submitted by /u/thegirlisok [link] [comments]
  • Eligible for reserves with NJP? June 4, 2023
    I’m an active duty sailor about 3 months from getting out, my interest was peaked at the 20K bonus for joining the reserves. However, I received NJP for a DUI about 6 months ago, and an SP eval and a P eval since then. I’m not here to try to justify my actions or anything […]
  • NMCI H Drive missing? June 4, 2023
    Good Morning! I have a reservist who hasn’t had an H Drive for years and i found out about this when he tried to scanned paperwork to his H Drive but nothing saves cuz he doesn’t got one. I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced that or have a resolution to it. No one […]
  • Future Navy Reservist looking for guidance June 4, 2023
    Good morning guys, I wanted to reach out because I needed some guidance about joining the Navy. Let me just preface by saying that my goal is to go to law school and become a JAG officer but beforehand, I would like to enlist to get experience under my belt. I was looking into joining […]
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  • Help with Severance pay question June 5, 2023
    Hello everyone I just had a question if anyone can help. I accepted my findings with 10% DOD And 90% VA last week for my medboard. I’m waiting for headquarters to change my EAS date now but I wanted to know about the severance check. When do i get that? My s1 said after my […]
  • 100% P&T, any point in asking for additional mental health ratings? June 5, 2023
    I have 100% for one mental health condition. However, I actually have several mental health conditions that would each hold close to 100% themselves. I am wondering if there is any value in applying for service connection for the other mental conditions or if it would serve no purpose. submitted by /u/Every-Criticism4892 [link] [comments]
  • Loans Forgiven When Asked Not To Be June 5, 2023
    *edit, not delete in case it happens to someone else. After talking to her coworker apparently you can opt out if it happens accidentally before the borrower wants. The only thing it changes is that now I’ll have to actually send my paperwork in and re-opt in for forgiveness. The worker was able to opt […]
  • What is everyone's opinion on joining a VFW or Legion in your area? June 5, 2023
    I know a guy in my area that refuses to join our local legion, which is filled with Vietnam era vets, because he feels he's given enough to our country and anything like that should be free to him. He got out a few years ago, he did his 20. He also got out at […]
  • TDRL Re-Eval results June 5, 2023
    Hello Everyone. Had my TDRL 6 month re-eval for mental health condition. It was actually more like 8 months but who's counting? For those with questions, it was just like a C&P exam over the phone. That being said, are we able to see the results of the eval anywhere? I can see my C&P […]
  • Is it normal to have two separate organizations doing my BDD VA C&P exams ? June 5, 2023
    I have been contacted by both VES and QTC in regards to my C & P exams and from what I understand, they will both each be doing their own mental and physical exams. Is this normal and does this help or hurt me ? submitted by /u/Butt4thePopeGod [link] [comments]
  • GI bill question June 5, 2023
    I want to start this by saying that I'm not a vet, my dad is, and my husband is an airman. Dad transferred me some gi bill time after I went to college. I have a little time left over, I think enough for a semester. My school has a few perks for being an […]
  • House Passes Bill to Permanently Authorize VA’s Tech Training Program June 5, 2023 Not more than 6,000 covered individuals may participate in the program under this section in any fiscal year 2nd time attending Vet Tec (18 months after completion of 1st program) will be using up your GI Bill entitlement. Effective date is 1 October 2023 - Termination date is 30 September 2028 submitted by […]
  • No contact with VR&E rep June 5, 2023
    Recived notice of my video conference, scheduled for a few days. And got the Va mailer with the PDFs to complete. But i have no clue where to send them as my counselor didnt give me his email nor has he answer several days worth of phone calls and voicemails. I even replied to the […]
  • VA Claim backdate question June 5, 2023
    After going from 50 to 70%, I was awarded 90% this past March 2023, with the date adjusted for when the claim was initially opened in March 2022. I sent in several supplemental claims which has now brought my total percentage to 94% and have another claim that is currently differed; hopefully that will put […]
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  • Run scheduling apps? June 5, 2023
    Could you recommend some apps that I can use to schedule my run timing? For example I'm doing 1 minute walking 2 minutes running, 10 times. Do you know any app that can track that for me? Thanks submitted by /u/And_Why_ [link] [comments]
  • He asked me if I wanted a pound of pasta put in me what should I say June 5, 2023
    submitted by /u/Appropriate-Market39 [link] [comments]
  • How important is sleep really? June 5, 2023
    Should I get in the morning work out or bag an hour of sleep? Talking about the difference between getting 6 hours and 7 hours. submitted by /u/RecoverFree3491 [link] [comments]
  • Green Team - 9 months of Selection and Training. 1994 June 5, 2023
    submitted by /u/305FUN [link] [comments]
  • Weekly whiteboard. June 4, 2023
    Sorry boys, I’ve been slacking lately on the WW. Completely open discussion. submitted by /u/pathophys4 [link] [comments]
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  • Inordinately Fortunate July 3, 2022
     I was inordinately fortunate during my early professional career.  I worked for some truly awful leaders.Thus, during the subsequent free time that life sometimes provides, I always had a full wagonload of professional grist waiting to grind.  The important questions were always the same.  Why had my bosses acted without apparent thought?  Why didn't my supervisors […]
  • Writing is writing June 26, 2022
     Planning to write is not writing.  Outlining a book is not writing.  Researching is not writing.  Talking to people about what you are doing, none of that is writing.  Writing is writing.E. L. DoctorowToday, I received letters from two NIOC COs, a NIOC XO, a NIOD OIC, a retired Navy Captain colleague, my sister, a priest […]
  • 10 Reasons I've Enjoyed Posting To This Blog Over The Years June 20, 2022
    In no particular order.1.  It allowed me to engage with a wonderful author and to write the Chapter 1 opening vignette for a Wall Street Journal/Amazon best-selling business book.  Dr. Stephen Covey and Bono 'open' for me.2.  It gave me the opportunity to help a Pulitzer prize winning author with research for his story on […]
  • Seth Godin's NEVERs - My ALWAYS June 19, 2022
     Seth Godin - Delivering on neverI will never miss a deadlineI will never leave a typoI will never fail to warn you about a possible pitfallI will never charge you more than the competitionI will never violate a confidenceI will never let you downI will never be late for a meetingThere are lots of sorts […]
  • For Memorial Day - Two notable Marines: Top Rogers and PVT Roznowski - generations apart (This was written in 2002) May 30, 2022
    First, let me tell you that it is a true honor and privilege to be a part of this ceremony today.  I love the United States Marine Corps.  I love the Marines.  In fact, I am a proud member of the Marine Corps family.  For you to fully understand how I feel about TOP ROGERS, […]
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  • Breaking my Flag April 2, 2023
     For those who missed the previous announcements, please read the previous posts for the details, but after 18 2/3 years here, I will no longer be posting on blogspot.Worry not, just click here to go to substack.  That is where I'll be.
  • Fullbore Friday March 31, 2023
    Housekeeping Note: As I mentioned earlier this month, as our British friends might say, this "blogspot" hosted part of the blog is "going in ordinary." The archived posts here back to the beginning in 2004 will remain, but all new posts will be going over to CDR Salamander on Substack. The reasons are simply, really. Google owns […]
  • The Weapons Gap With the PRC the USA Created and Funded: it Goes Boom March 31, 2023
    If you don’t wake up every morning cursing those responsible for defense and China policy in the 1990s … the gobsmackingly short sighted arrogance of it all – then what use are you, actually?With a few exceptions, from partially completed CV rusting in Ukraine to teaching the Communist Chinese how to MIRV ICBM warheads, to […]
  • Seriously ... Who's Been Running Our Wargames Then ... March 29, 2023
    One of the things that will get my eye twitching faster than about anything else is when someone responds to a question or concern with a, "Well, in our wargames ... "Bullshit.That may work for civilians or under-briefed lawmakers who lack the depth in military matters, but anyone who has run or been part of […]
  • In a Fight, Having Your Reloads at Home in the Safe Won't Help March 28, 2023
    There was a topic as a JO in the 1990s that we bandied about when we started to think about what we wanted to see show up in the fleet before we had to fight a no kidding war at sea for any length of time.Of course, at the end of the Cold War when […]
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  • Marine Corps names new top enlisted leader June 5, 2023
    FILE: Sergeant Maj. Carlos Ruiz onSept. 20, 2013. Ruiz has been named as the 20th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps. Cpl. James Gulliver/U.S. Marine Corps).Semper fi! The post Marine Corps names new top enlisted leader appeared first on Task & Purpose.
    Jeff Schogol
  • Wagner mercenaries capture Russian brigade commander June 5, 2023
    Wagner Group mercenaries captured a man who identified himself as Lt. Col. Roman Venevitin, commander of Russia’s 72nd Brigade. (Screenshot of Twitter video).Wagner vs. Russian army. The post Wagner mercenaries capture Russian brigade commander appeared first on Task & Purpose.
    Jeff Schogol
  • Navy fires commander of destroyer USS Stout June 5, 2023
    Navy Cmdr. Jeffrey Applebaugh was relieved of command of the USS Stout on June 2. (U.S. Navy photo).Cmdr. Jeffrey L. Applebaugh was relieved for a "loss of confidence in his ability to command" the Norfolk-based guided missile destroyer. The post Navy fires commander of destroyer USS Stout appeared first on Task & Purpose.
    Max Hauptman
  • Fighter jets scramble after plane crosses D.C. airspace [Updated] June 4, 2023
    A U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon of the Ohio Air National Guard’s 180th Fighter Wing flies over Iowa Aug. 11, 2022. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Airman 1st Class Tylon Chapman).A Cessna Citation crashed in southwest Virginia shortly after F-16s pursued it. The post Fighter jets scramble after plane crosses D.C. airspace [Updated] […]
    Nicholas Slayton
  • Pentagon’s UFO office needs more data to study hundreds of cases June 4, 2023
    UAP seen in May, 2022, through night vision equipment and an SLR camera. The DoD states that “the UAP in this image were subsequently reclassified as unmanned aerial systems.” (US Navy photo).The AARO is building its own sensors and working with NASA to help it examine reported unidentified phenomena. The post Pentagon’s UFO office needs […]
    Nicholas Slayton
  • Missile warning systems, interceptors set to boost Guam’s defenses June 4, 2023
    U.S. Army E3 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense soldiers and deployed Bomber Task Force U.S. Airmen, pose for a photo in front of a THAAD anti-ballistic missile defense system during a U.S. Army led tour on North West Field at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, May 12, 2021. The THAAD mission is to protect the […]
    Nicholas Slayton
  • Chinese warship almost hits US Navy ship in the Taiwan Strait June 3, 2023
    The USS Chung-Hoon in the Pacific Ocean in 2020. (Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Devin Langer/U.S. Navy).The incident comes a week after a Chinese jet buzzed an American surveillance plane. The post Chinese warship almost hits US Navy ship in the Taiwan Strait appeared first on Task & Purpose.
    Nicholas Slayton
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  • Four Powerful Gestures June 16, 2014
    Communication is everything in leadership. More importantly, everything is communication—not what you say, but what you do. Your habits, your demeanor, your work ethic, your appearance, your sense of humor. The way you handle success, and the way you handle … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • The Vortex June 2, 2014
    We Navy types are a proudly hard-working breed. However much we may grumble, I think that most of us have that little psychotic voice that enjoys the long hours when we know we are legitimately needed—when the ship gets underway … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • Myth of the “Kinder, Gentler Navy” May 19, 2014
    On leave, your typical sailor goes home to a proud family who break out the faded pictures of Grandpa posing in front of a torpedo-bomber with pinup-girl nose art. In between sea stories of 7th-fleet barroom brawls, Uncle Jim wistfully … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • Talking to Ships May 5, 2014
    Non-shipdrivers will have to forgive me for this one. SWOs and submariners have several habits that make us look like a bunch of goons to the professional mariners trying not to run us over. Among them is our habit of … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • Reflecting on the Damn Exec April 28, 2014
    “Damn Exec” is a classic leadership essay by then-LCDR Stuart D. Landersman. It was in the January 1965 Proceedings, and has been reprinted in countless leadership books, magazines, and training products. It is required reading in many officer and CPO … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • Yes, it’s Your Fault April 21, 2014
    A tired JO complaint is “we’re just here so they have someone to blame.” We hear every day that JOs are a pointless decoration, chiefs really run the Navy, blah blah blah… then when the watch team falls behind PIM … Continue reading →
    Will Spears
  • JO Rules on Facebook! April 19, 2014
    Gonna try something new here… in the interest of making it easier for folks to chime in, tell sea stories, call me a delusional asshole or whatever… and yes, to have more exposure within the JO community, I’m gonna try … Continue reading →
    Will Spears